iPhone myth buster

Break The iPhone Myths: Find The Fact.

Everyone loves to exchange opinions on gadgets. Yet, sometimes, it sets a series of facts into a false storyline—a myth! The trouble is, all those logical links we make can be oh so wrong. However, we stay convinced in the information because it is internally consistent and compelling, even with no basis.

Myth bust on iPhones
Phone by Neil Soni on Unsplash

Your iPhone is more intelligent than you think! Your device is engineered in a way to aid you better. A few myths about iPhone have overspread society since the dawn of the first iPhone. It’s time to debunk it!

#1 Myth

"I won't be able to move photos & other files from my old phone to my iPhone."

Fact: Customers can move files quickly with Move to iOS or move content manually to the Files app.

Everything about iOS is devised to be easy, including switching to it. With just a few actions, you can move your content automatically & securely from your Android device using the Move to iOS app. No need to store your files elsewhere before switching from Android. The Move to iOS app securely moves all kinds of data for you.

#2 Myth

"The app store has the same apps as android, except that none are free."

Many great apps are exclusive to the App store, and most are free. So the apps you love are from a place you can trust. The App Store has been proven to be a safe and authorised place to discover and download apps. 

While the App Store is more than just a storefront—it’s an innovative destination that brings impressive experiences. A big part of those ventures is ensuring that our apps are held to the highest privacy, security and content standards. In addition, because we offer nearly 2 million apps, we wish you to feel right about using every single one.

#3 Myth

"I'll have to spend a lot of time learning the iPhone."

iPhone is designed to be easy to use. So customers quickly get familiar with new ways to do things. It’s so easy to switch to iPhone.

iPhone is easy to learn and use
Image by FreePik

Are you using an Android phone? You will see how comfortable it is to switch from the moment you start operating your new iPhone. There is a walk-through to bring you started and an app that shares your photos, contacts and more. You can even exchange your old smartphone for credit.

#4 Myth

"iPhone isn't customisable like other phones."

Apple’s iOS makes the iPhone more customisable than ever. Personalisation and customisation of software can be complicated, mainly if it is hidden in menus. As a result, most users will never interact with it. However, Apple has taken a different path by making user customisation a great feature of iOS 16.

Almost every interaction on the iPhone can be customised or controlled in some way due to multiple interlocking features. These include Lock Screen customisation, widgets, custom app icons, and Focus Modes.


There may be great myths you would like to believe, yet they can become a misfortune if they lead you to bad decisions. Apple revolutionised personal technology & leads the world in innovation—iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. They deliver seamless experiences across all Apple products and empower people with breakthrough services, with Apple Music, App Store, Apple Pay and iCloud.

iPhones are designed to be powerful & durable. Find your nearby iPlanet store to learn more about iPhone from an Apple Expert.


1. What should you know before buying an iPhone?

Look for the right seller—Choose an Apple Authorised Premium Reseller like iPlanet for a hassle-free Apple Product purchase. Then, explore how easy it is to use an iPhone.

2. Can I buy a new iPhone and set it up myself?

You can ON and set up your new iPhone using the internet or by connecting it to your computer. In addition, you can transfer your data to your new iPhone if you’ve another iPhone, an iPad, or an Android device.

3. Why do people choose iOS?

Many people unanimously agree that Apple devices are more secure. In addition, iOS provides better synchronization & faster updates between hardware & software—it works with ease.