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Help nurturing the best in every student.

We support schools, colleges and universities right across India embrace Apple products to expand what’s possible inside the classroom and beyond. Exceptional products, unparalleled service and support for the whole learning community. 

Our approach covers everything from helping schools introduce the latest Apple devices into the classroom, integrating with current systems, guiding CPD and curriculum strategies, and supporting with technology services. Meanwhile our unique Syncfinity Education buyback and recycle scheme ensures older devices never go to waste.

Apple and Education

Best technology for a futuristic learning experience.


Learn how Apple can help teachers use powerful technology both in and out of the classroom. See how to increase your productivity, enhance student engagement and discover new ways of learning and teaching.


Parents want the best for their children and they also know their children better than anyone else. Let us show you how we can help families with a range of tools to support learning and help parents manage time and content in learning environments at home.


At iPlanet Education we recognise that the most successful schools have strong leadership teams.  We can help you lead your school through multiple cycles of innovation to ensure success for generations to come.

IT Team

The Apple experience starts with deployment. iPlanet Education offers you the support you need so that you can integrate iPad and Mac seamlessly into your learning environment.

IT Service

iPlanet Education covers everything right from deploying the suitable kit to excellent support services and make sure that nothing gets in the way of productivity. 

Why Apple for Accessibility

Every student has the right to a quality education

Inspires Young minds.

Apple technology sparks student engagement with new ways to learn. The tools have the power to pursue challenging projects – Create magical learning experiences, and make every screen time worth it.

So let’s move the world forward and spark curiosity.

Digitisation of Education

Apple Student Purchase Program

Our Customers

The Latest from The Education Blog

We bring in major resources of Apple Enterprise solutions here.

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Need help in choosing the right product?

iPlanet Education can cater to any of your apple product requirements for your institution. 

Checkout out Surprising Offers on Apple Products, only at iPlanet Education. Morethan 100 Apple Experts to assists your requirements!

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