How to use technology in the classroom or online?

For many educators this has been quite a challenge. With schools being closed, most teachers had to very quickly learn the basics of video conferencing (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and others) and how to present and share class notes.

From challenges, have emerged a number of solutions, whether in a classroom or online, that makes attendance automatic; easy and engaging ways to create content; creating live project sub-groups; quick polls to check understanding; dashboards for each class session to gauge learning progress and many more features. With the Govt advocating greater use of tech in the classroom, it is imperative that teachers not just learn the basics but learn the best tools to make the classroom come alive.

Now comes the question. I’m not tech savvy, how do I know where to go and find these easy to use tools. Here’s some help.
(note: these are references and teachers may kindly use their best judgement on what to go for depending on the platform offering the solution, the quality of the institute, free or paid, and the grade for which needed. We do not stand testimony for any of these solutions and only intent to provide a direction / exploration of what is available)

Course for Educators to learn the basics of technology tools:

  1. Apple Teacher Learning Centre
    A free self-paced platform created by Apple for teachers for any school grade and even if one does not have any technology background. Ideally, works best if the teacher or school is already on a Mac or iPad; or intends to go in for one shortly.
    Importantly, the resource portal provides simple tips, on how to use different applications for various different lesson scenarios.
  2. Udemy
    The Platform has several essential and beginner courses, for teachers looking to get a general exposure to teaching using simple technology tools.
    Check this link
    and scroll down for this and other similar courses that may be of interest to you.
    Look at the course content, course creator, ratings, duration and cost of the course before choosing.
    edX offers online classes and courses in education covering a broad range of topics from educational policy and history to curriculum design and teaching techniques. Explore case studies in teaching and learn about how technology is increasing access to quality education on an unprecedented scale.
    Courses that may be of relevance to early stage technology adoption for a school : – Designing and Leading Learning Systems – Blended Learning (Explore ways to blend educational technology with traditional classroom learning to

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